Apex recycling

We are an industrial and commercial reality that operates in the field of environment . We cooperate with the best manufacturers of machinery for the ecology and recycling.
We have over twenty years of experience in the field of the environment and to offer you the best services and solutions.
Commercial machines , design and installation of production lines.

We design and develop guidelines for the recovery of waste materials and waste in general, including:
  • Special mechanical or hydraulic grinders for shredding and separation of ferrous and non-ferrous
  • Lines of grinding and separation of electric cables, circuit boards and WEEE
  • grinding plant and automatic and semiautomatic separation of municipal waste , industrial recovery of MPS ( from Secondary Raw Materials and reissue the production cycle ) or production of RDF ( Refuse Fuel )
  • shredders, grinders , mills and granulators for the recovery and regeneration of the plastic of low and high density HDPE , hlpe , PVC, PP , PS in the types of bottles, cans , bumpers , tanks, containers and packaging in general.
  • complete lines for grinding PFU ( Life Tyres ) from the bead breaking ciabattatura to the production of rubber powder for reuse nel'ambito industry.
  • shears and presses for ferrous and non-ferrous static or mobile diesel
  • accessories : rubber conveyor belts , conveyor belts metallic decks, screw conveyor and extraction, ballistic separators , magnetic separators , separators induction , air purification systems and pneumatic conveying .

We have carried out major installations in Italy and abroad for the treatment of waste and recovery of materials.
Our design studio solve all your production requirements of our customers by designing tailor- automatic lines modern and efficient .
We collaborate with valid installation companies around the world .