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From design to assistance

We provide:

  • Consulting and design of new recycling lines for the recovery of municipal and industrial waste. 
  • Support and advice for improvement and technological upgrading of existing facilities in order to increase the productivity, efficiency and quality of output products. 
  • On customer request our technicians carry out visits to production sites around the world to advise on the best interventions.

New plants

Design of complete lines for the treatment and recovery of waste and scrap.
Business idea to the complete turnkey follow all the steps, including the choice of the best manufacturer of the machines and the selection of the most appropriate.
We follow the works on site and the start of the establishment.


Technical assistance on all plants that have been made ​​by us or not, and on the machines supplied by us.
We follow several plants around the world with great efficiency and dedication.

Used Equipment

Reconditioning of used machines with state of the art interventions with the best components and in compliance with the technical standards and legislation.